Help with the latest technology, when you need it today

At Future Help NOW we believe that technology should be available to anyone, no matter age or experience, and when used appropriately can enhance your life.

We provide a personalised, in home help service, geared to those new to technology such as seniors, to solve any technology related issues you may have with TV, DVD, stereo systems, GPS navigation, phones, PC, web sites or tablet, or we are happy just explaining how to do what you want in the online world...

We’re committed to making your life easier.

Startup Development Team


Phones, PC & Tablet Apps, Blogs, Digital photos, Facebook

Set up

TV, Stereo, DVD, Blu Ray, , Camera, GPS, PC, Appliances

Home Theater Installation

Quick and free Websites

We can create a website for your photos, family sharing, club or small business that is hosted free

Doing Homework

Anything you need help with!

Explanations, Coaching, Advice, Microsoft Office software and more...Ask us if we can help

Doing Homework